Roller Derby Nicknames

Searchers hit Fencing.Net, but maybe they wanted this...

Since we’re near the beginning of the competitive fencing season (the new season started August 1st), I took a look through some of the search results that got people over to  Looking at those results sometimes gives me ideas for extra articles that need to be expanded or rewritten based on recent rules changes or other stuff going on in the fencing world.

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Elbow rehab and fencer’s elbow

One of the joys of getting old is having parts of your body start to break down.  Since coming back to competition I’ve been having some problems getting flicks to land so I’ve just avoided them for the most part.

Focused on working on flicks over a few nights of fencing and I’ve run into an overuse injury.  Most likely I don’t have the strength built up in the supporting muscles so I’ve got a case of “fencer’s elbow”.  Going in today for diagnosis and rehab with a physical therapist.

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Fencers respond in Title IX debate

The NY Times “featured” fencing as one of the examples of colleges cheating on women’s participation numbers to meet Title IX requirements for their schools.  Fencers have read the article, watched the video, and submitted their letters to the editor.

You can read the comments, including several touching on how Title IX has decimated NCAA fencing here:

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Randomly Useful Tool: Epee Point Holder

Set screw holds the epee point partially depressed to make inserting tip screws a bit easier.

This tool was just talked about in the Fencing.Net forum’s armory section.  It’s a machined bit of aluminum shaped to hold an epee point in place so that you can get the first tip screw in a bit more easily.

Detroit NAC Recap – Medals!

5th place individual and 2nd place team medals from Detroit for Vet Men's Foil.

The Detroit NAC was a fun one for me as a fencer.  I fenced in the Vet Team foil and Vet Combined individual foil event.  My goals were for the individual event – I wanted to go through it injury free and better my Cincinnati result where I went out in the top-16 to Michael Cho.

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